14 highlights from the women’s team final

  1. Mai Murakami strong and confident on balance beam, with the audible support of her Japanese teammates.
  2. Ellie Black is not the most elegant gymnast on uneven bars, but that stuck dismount was a thing of beauty.
  3. Jade Barbosa’s epic floor music. It got me right from the start.
  4. Triples. First Asuka Teramoto treated us to a whip-whip-bhs-triple as a first tumbling pass, then Chen Yile topped it off with a (near perfect) triple twist from beam.
  5. I swear Melanie DJDS’ Amanar must be hiding somewhere in the gym, waiting to come out.
  6. Lorette! She crushed her face on the uneven bars just two months ago, but she’s back! At full strength! With a gorgeous bars and beam routine!
  7. That 1.5 twisting yurchenko by Hatakeda.
  8. Kara Eaker doing her thing. Surprising us with her difficulty and stability.
  9. Flavia has a DTY?! And it’s good.
  10. Fact: Ellie Black always has the best floor music.
  11. Sarah Voss revealed herself as a gorgeous beam worker. Who knew?
  12. Grace McCallum sticking her double double like it’s no big deal.
  13. Marine scoring 13.966 on beam in an electric atmosphere.
  14. Canada ending in 4th and France in 5th!


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