7 reasons to get into acrobatic gymnastics

  1. Acrobatic gymnasts have partners to rely on and to support. It’s beautiful to see how they work together, put their trust in one another, and depend on each other to achieve their dreams.
  1. Each choreography is full of expression, dance and original moves. The really great ones have a story behind it and make you feel happy, sad or surprised even after the gymnasts have left the competition floor.Noemie Lammertyn Lore Vandenberghe World Cup Acrobatic Gymnastics FIAC Puurs 2018
  1. All this style and artistry doesn’t mean that their acrobatic skills are any less difficult. Prepare for static holds that seem physically impossible and double, triple or quadruple saltos/twists. As if that’s not enough, most of these skills are executed nearly flawlessly.
  1. It’s quite easy to get into acrobatic gymnastics for artistic gymnastics fans, since you’ll recognise the different types of saltos and twists, the basic rules of the scoring system and the most common execution errors.
  1. There’s plenty of variety in routines. Women’s pair, men’s pair, mixed pair, women’s trio and men’s four all have a balance, a dynamic and a combined exercise. That makes for 15 different routines, each with their own skill set. It just doesn’t get boring.Roos Buurman, Linsey van Ekert, Jiska Schuttert Netherlands Acrobatic Gymnastics FIAC Puurs 2018
  1. Team Russia, China and Great Britain are top contenders as usual. But unlike artistic gymnastics, countries like Belgium, Belarus, Israel, Portugal and North Korea compete alongside them in the race for the medals.
  1. We’re pretty lucky right now, because the World Championships are right around the corner. Next month, the best of the acrobatic gymnastics world will gather in Antwerp to fight for the title of world champions.
  1. As if you need any more by now.


What are you waiting for? Watch this video and you’re set to go!

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