My top 12 from Valenciennes

The 12 best teams from all over France gathered in Valenciennes to fight for the title of national team champions. On top of that, three Belgians competed as guests and showed us their new skills. I came, I saw, I loved it.

  1. Morgane Osyssek: I discovered this young lady at the European Championships in Bern and I love her gymnastics even more now. On balance beam, she upgraded to a roundoff+layout and it looks as floaty as the ones from team China. Meanwhile her floor routine is as lovely as ever.

Morgane Osyssek

  1. Grace & Lorette Charpy: These two sisters were so supportive of their Belgian teammates, and they won!
    (Oh, plus Lolo upgraded to a double front on floor, just like that.)

Independante Stephanoise

  1. Senna Deriks: A new split jump+onodi combination on beam for Senna, and I ♥ it. She also scored a big 14.033 on uneven bars, for a routine that included a hit stalder+full turn+tkatchev series.
  1. Julie Meyers: She often stands in the shadows of other Belgian seniors and she doesn’t often hit all four events during competitions, yet I still keep rooting for Julie. So even though she fell on the landing, her new whip to double pike on floor was a highlight for me.

Julie Meyers

  1. Nina Derwael: If you haven’t seen Nina’s upgrades on uneven bars, you’re missing something. In Valenciennes, she debuted an exciting new connection that’s never been done before and now she’s not the only one dreaming of an UB medal around her neck.
Nina Derwael
Source: illyria-and-her-pet
  1. Louise Vanhille: The senior of team Dunkerque. Her determination and tenacity leave me in awe.

Louise Vanhille

  1. Marine Boyer: Even Olympic top 4 finishers have bad days. On beam, Marine’s layout went wrong as her right foot missed the landing. Nevertheless, she just got right back up like a real champ.

Marine Boyer

  1. Juliette Bossu: I want her to get even better, so she’s never left off a team again. I mean, look at those lines. And that height on the UB dismount. It’s just screaming for her to do the half-out upgrade.

Juliette Bossu

  1. Coline Devillard: She’s the powergirl of team France, with a Rudi on vault and a DLO on floor.
  1. Alisson Lapp: Alisson is the fierce little swan of the French junior team, as she performs to Nina’s old floor music.

Alisson Lapp

  1. Leotards: A special mention goes to the leotards the girls were wearing. When the teams were entering the arena, my face was literally a heart eyes emoji. The one from Union Haguenau was my personal winner. A black leo, at the same time colourful and dazzling, is just what I like.


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