Looking ahead – What really happened?

Back in September, I was looking forward to the things to come. Two months later, I’m looking back to see what really happened in the gymnastics world.

It was great to see a team of Belgian upcoming juniors at Elite Gym Massilia, along with the French Melanie Dos Santos, Coline Devillard and Alison Lepin (who is fantastic on UB). I did miss the Belgian seniors. It’s been so long since we’ve seen Axelle Klinckaert, Cindy Vandenhole and Julie Meyers.* The Top Gym competition is taking place tonight, but I’m disappointed in the organisation committee for not releasing a list of participants (even after asking explicitly). So instead of going to watch the AA competition, I’ll just follow the livestream from my couch.

I’m not sure what happened to Emma and Jonna’s move to Boston. According to this article from the Swedish gymnastics federation, coach Sebastian Melander has come back sooner than expected. After six months in the US, he’s back home and he has signed a contract as head coach of the Swedish national team.

In the meanwhile, Julie Croket, Gaelle Mys and Noël Van Klaveren have retired. It’s sad to see them go, but now they’ll have time and space to discover new things in life. The best news is that Julie is now coaching the juniors in Ghent! **

The last-year juniors are working hard to upgrade and gain consistency.
> Francesca Noemi Linari is training a FTDLO as a new uneven bars dismount.
> Lorette Charpy tried a new roundoff+layout on balance beam.
> The Czech Republic is getting stronger, especially with a beam routine like Vendula Merkova’s.
> To top it off, Marie Skammelsen casually won AA, floor and vault at Northern European Championships.

As I mentioned, now that Simone, Aly, Gabby and Aliya are taking some time off, there’s more room for others to medal. And the gymternet already expressed its preferences for a new AA world champ in this post that is going around.

The new code is coming up as well. For those who don’t like to scroll through a 221-page-document full of difficult language, The Balance Beam Situation made a clear (and hilarious) article explaining the changes.

If you want to see the 2017 World Championships live, tickets go on sale November 28th. I’m still having difficulties deciding whether to go to Montreal. And if yes, as a spectator or a volunteer?

* They did take part in the Belgian Olympic team camp on the island of Lanzarote, and the pictures looked lots of fun.
** For people who understand Dutch, there’s an interesting interview with Julie about becoming a coach.

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