Looking ahead

Now that the absolute highlight of this quad lies behind us, let’s have a look at the things to come.

Luckily, we don’t have to wait until 2017 for some interesting competitions. Elite Gym Massilia takes places from 11-13 November, and we’ll see a great mix of juniors at Top Gym the 26th and 27th of November. I’m especially looking forward to seeing Axelle Klinckaert in pre-olympic shape (?) and seeing progress from the juniors-that-will-soon-be-seniors.

Do you remember? Earlier this year, Swedish BFF’s Emma Larsson and JonnaI don’t need a stupid knee to do bars anywayAdlerteg announced their move to Brestyan’s in Boston. I’m really curious as to how this big move will affect their gymnastics and the uneven bars routines of the Brestyan girls.

Emma Larsson Jonna Adlerteg Sweden Boston Brestyan's

I’m also patiently waiting on statements from gymnasts saying they’re (not) going to retire. Hopefully, all my favourites will continue, but we have to be realistic…

Saying goodbye to gymnasts is a lot easier when there are so many fresh senior faces to look forward to in 2017.
>   Belgium: Myrthe Potoms, Rinke Santy & Maellyse Brassart (who is now training with the Flemish girls in Ghent!)
>   Italy: Francesca Linari & Martina Maggio
>   France: Lorette Charpy
>   Netherlands: Marieke van Egmond & Naomi Visser (!)
>   Czech Republic: the Merkova twins & Lucie Jirikova
>   Romania: Ioana Crisan
>   Switzerland: Livia Schmid & Lynn Genhart
>   Spain: Amelia Sanchez
>   Denmark: Marie Skammelsen

Now that Simone, Aly and Aliya are taking some time off, there’s more room for others to medal (and make event finals). Names like Andrade, Giulia, Ellie Black, Ellie Downie, Bailie, Norah, Ragan, Ashton, Eythora and Nina are springing to my mind.

The new code is coming up as well, which might push gymnasts to change their routines and try new skills. Throwback to Yao Jinnan’s Mo salto and Victoria Moors’ double-twisting double layout in Antwerp.

Montreal, Doha and Stuttgart are hosting the World Championships next quad. Anyone else with at least one new travel destination? 😉

I’m ready for more gymnastics news, the last 2016 competitions and the next quad. Woohoo!

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