Rio moments I will never forget

Like thousands of other gym fans I’d been looking forward to the Rio 2016 Olympic Games for months, years even. Now that it’s all over, what will stay with me?

  • Belgium was there with a team for the first time since 1948, and they were gooooood
  • Rebeca Andrade’s Amanar was amazing (especially in podium training) + she kept smiling even after her medal ambitions vanished into thin air
  • Tutya Yilmaz hit beam!
  • the floor routine of Pauline Schäfer made me go ‘wow
  • Gabby and Larisa stayed strong and classy in the face of so much ridiculous hate
  • Nina Derwael was a bars princess
  • our very own Lauren Hopkins worked for NBC
  • the sportsmanship between gymnasts was so lovely to see, high fives and hugs everywhere + sweet messages on social media ♥
  • Hong Un Jong (North Korea) and Lee Eun Ju (South Korea) took a selfie together
  • Italy’s black and white leos
  • team Japan was all smiles and good vibes
  • Eythora did a four-turn combination on floor, and it was glorious
  • Jessica Lopez was so happy to be in the uneven bars final
  • Giulia, Sophie & Sanne on the podium!
  • Hong Un Jong went for the triple-twisting yurchenko
  • Ellie Black finished FIFTH
    Jessica Lopez finished SEVENTH
    Asuka Teramoto finished EIGHTH
    Eythora Thorsdottir finished NINTH
    Giulia Steingruber finished TENTH
    Rebeca Andrade finished ELEVENTH
    Nina Derwael finished NINETEENTH
  • and I was so lucky to be able to watch online and on tv, so a huge thanks goes to RTBF for covering everything


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