European juniors that caught my eye

  • ALL of the Czech on balance beam, really!
    Lucie Jirikova Czech Republic
  • Lucie Jirikova (Czech Republic): double front tuck on FX
  • Naomi Visser (Netherlands) : like a ballerina
    Naomi Visser Netherlands
  • Sanna Veerman (Netherlands): badass
    Sanna Veerman Netherlands
  • Marieke van Egmond (Netherlands): super cute + super clean gymnastics
    Marieke van Egmond Netherlands
  • Marie Skammelsen (Denmark): came out of the blue with strong vaults
  • Amalia Sanchez (Spain): strong on beam
    Amalia Sanchez Spain
  • Maellyse Brassart (Belgium): good AAer + lovely to watch, can’t wait till she’s a senior
    Maellyse Brassart Belgium Belgique
  • Myrthe Potoms (Belgium): lots of potential, like a 2.5 that should become a triple twist on FX
  • Morgane Osyssek (France):  strong vault + piked full-in on floor combined with great presence
    Morgane Ossysek France

→ Want more photos in HQ? Here you go.


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