Impressions at Belgian nationals

  • The Gymfed (= Flemish gymnastics federation) sure knows how to organise. 1415 gymnasts from 6 different disciplines competing in 2 different halls in 1 weekend? No biggie.
  • Acrobatic and rhythmic gymnasts definitely have more of an attitude than the artistic gymnasts. That might sound bad, but it shows in their looks and performances. I couldn’t keep my eyes from their dazzling leotards and they drew in the whole audience with their expressiveness and artistry.
  • Rhythmic gymnastics is growing on me. I love that it requires a combination of insane flexibility (which makes it beautiful) and coordination (which makes it badass). Plus their wolf turns are the best. Artistic gymnasts, take note.
  • The senior national team didn’t compete. It was a real bummer, but at the same time I trust Yves Kieffer’s master plan for our Olympic team. Julie Meyers, Nina Derwael, Cindy Vandenhole and Gaëlle Mys did perform exhibition routines. I was especially happy to see Nina back on beam (after her hand injury) and steady as a rock.
  • The juniors did compete, but they had quite some falls. Hopefully they’ll show improved consistency at European Championships in a couple of weeks.
  • When I took a sneak peek into the training hall, Axelle Klinckaert was training on vault and I caught a glimpse of what I think was a tsuk full or a tsuk 1 1/2.
  • Laura Waem is the sweetest. I wanne be like her when I grow up. Except I’m older than her.
  • On the men’s side. Daan Kenis has an awesome upgraded routine on HB with a difficulty of – hold on – 6.5.
  • The B-level girls demonstrated their talent and hard work by throwing some big skills like
    • a layout yurchenko on VT
    • a tkatchev, bail, double tuck dismount on UB
    • a switch half, front aerial, side somi on BB
    • a double tuck, double twist on FX.

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