It’s the season to be jolly

This week was a great week to kick off the gymternet season. We were spoiled with two international competitions and lots of awesome (new) skills.

On beam, we saw some lovely and refreshing work at the Gymnix podium training.

  • Romania’s Ioana Crisan opens her beam routine with this awesome sequence.

    ioanacrisan_beam (nastiasliukin)
    source: nastiasliukin
  • Gabby Perea showed off an incredibly difficult, yet well-executed standing full. Her chest isn’t even low on the landing and she’s just a junior!

    gabbyperea_beam (mustafinesse)
    source: mustafinesse
  • At Worlds last year in Glasgow, we gymfans already loved Eythora Thorsdottir and her original beam combos; this Olympic year she’s even trying out some new ones. I say: gold medal for most original beam routine.

Plus Ele was happy to announce and I was happy to hear that Elisa Meneghini hit her new skill (after falling twice during last competition).

A new year also means a new floor routine for a lot of gymnasts.

  • Sae Miyakawa introduced her new routine at the Gymnix Senior Cup (caution: two falls + an OOB).

    While I don’t like the music or the choreography, she is my new favourite tumbler. Just look at those passes. (Source: jordynslefteyebrow)
  • Maggie Nichols debuted a new routine at the American Cup and just like Sae, I feel like her old one suited her much better. She does have a lovely piece of choreography somewhere in the middle.

    maggienichols_choreo (sparklesandchalk)
    source: sparklesandchalk

Sae kept surprising us at Gymnix podium training. On bars she came out of nowhere with this beautiful piked double front dismount.

saemiyakawa_bars (huanghuidan)
source: huanghuidan

On to the competitions themselves then. Judging from the amount of posts on Tumblr, most of you followed the American Cup. And if you didn’t, there are enough pictures, gifsets and videos under the tags #attac 2016 and #2016 attac or #American Cup 2016 and #attac 2016. There was also an international live stream that still seems to be working right now.

The International Gymnix in Canada was a bit harder to follow, mainly because the-site-that-must-not-be-named had the rights to cover this competition. Luckily, there are some gymfans that do want to share the pleasure of gymnastics competitions with the whole world. Maia plisetzkaia and danafan1 made videos from the audience. Lauren provided us with photographs of junior and senior podium training and a vivid (and hilarious) live blog on the night of the Senior Cup (= TF + EF quals). Some teasers for the ones who haven’t read it:

Hiraiwa, BB- Punch front. Onodi, front aerial, sheep jump. CONNECT ALL OF THAT LIL GIRL. Please. For me. Roundoff layout, fall. UGH. Double wolf turn, wobble at the end. 2.5 nearly sat, big step off the mat.

Derwael, UB- This feed is NOT freezing for this routine. I will SCREAM. Ok here we go. Stalder full to Chow half, way too short and she falls. NOOOOOO,  BARS PRINCESS. Gets up again, Chow half, blind change to straddle Jaeger, Ricna, toe-on to pak, very clean. Van Leeuwen, big full-in, tiny bounce. Shame about the fall. Otherwise a great routine.

Aww Nina is crying, she looks so upset. Naturally the camera is zoomed in about as close to her face as humanly possible. You can’t track a bar routine but you can track a crying child.

Peterman, BB- Ooh, SMOOTH wolf 2.5! She is allowed to do this skill forever. Front aerial. Slight check on side somi. Bhs loso, little stumble. Double pike with a step. 13.7

Rousseau, VT- Clean FTY, tiny bounce. Her form is immaculate.

Klinckaert, FX- YAY she is keeping her AWESOME frog routine!!! Nails double layout. Great tucked full-in. She is selling the crap out of her choreo. Stuck dobule tuck! YAS AXELLE!!!! I’m literally crying. This needs to be in Rio YESTERDAY. Double pike with a hop forward. Crowd goes wild. 14.4!!!

And for all those people who like facts more than words, here are the results.

Finally, a little extra for fans (like me) who appreciate the ridiculous side of the gymnastics fandom.

Marta and the Test Event

Featured image © Alexandra Leask

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