3 must-see gymnastics montages

Do you ever wonder how people get in touch with the gymternet? One of the answers is through gymnastics montages on YouTube. At least that’s how I got into it. Before I discovered the existence of Tumblr, Twitter and gym blogs, looking up gymnastics videos was my favourite thing on a Sunday afternoon. If you have no idea where to start, here’s three of the most beautiful gymnastics montages I’ve ever seen.


3. Marching On
Rebecca Bross was the first gymnast that stole my heart with her toughness and persistence. Paiges38 captured it beautifully in this heartbreaking yet inspiring montage. So whenever life knocks you down, just think of Becca Bross.


2. This Is How The Fierce Five Are Made
I don’t know about you, but I’m still dreadfully attached to the Fierce Five. The next video shows their way to the top of the podium in London, with a motivational speech on the background. Caution: may cause sudden motivation for your personal life and/or heartache that 2012 is 4 years gone and will never come back.


1. Why Do We Fall?
This last montage is just incredibly powerful. Anna Burns carefully edited images from different gymnasts of the last quads and matched it with an impressive speech and epic music. This is golden.


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