What the gymternet wants for 2016

In the last week of 2015, I asked my fellow gymfans on Tumblr what was on top of their gymnastics wishlist for 2016. Here are the results:

  1. Shang Chunsong wins an individual medal in Rio.
  2. Aliya Mustafina back-to-back Olympic champion on bars.
  3. Larisa winning beam in Rio. LARI BRING OUT THAT 2014 WORLDS TF-LIKE 15.5 BUT FIRST OF ALL DONT FALL
  4. Epke to retain his Olympic title on HB.
  5. Aly and Larisa both winning AA medals in Rio. (YES THIS COUNTS AS ONE THING OKAY)
  6. Vika becoming Olympic UB Champion.
  7. For the Aussies to qualify a team to Rio and for Lauren Mitchell to be fit and healthy enough to be on the team!
  8. Catherine Lyons making the GB Olympic Team and being able to perform her floor on the Olympic podium.
    Catherine Lyons RIo 2016 floor team GB
  9. Someone on GB/the team to win a medal at Rio.
  10. Kyla goes to Rio and medals on beam/bars.
  11. For Bailie to be on Team USA.
  12. For Afan to finally win an Individual Olympic Medal (preferably Gold on Floor but hey beggars can’t be choosers) in her final Olympic Performance forever.
  13. For Romania to QUALIFY for Rio.
  14. Eythora to kill it in the Olympics, qualify to a final or two, and maaaaaybe medal!
  15. Vany winning a medal, I don’t care if it’s AA or floor just something.
  16. Gabby gets an individual medal in Rio.
  17. Simone and Gabby go 1-2 in the AA.
  18. Aly goes to Rio and gets gold in something individual.
  19. Sanne Wevers or Lieke Wevers or Eythora placing in beam event final.
  20. Hong Un Jong winning vault gold!
  21. Team medal for GB girls.
  22. Belgium qualifying a team to the Olympics.
    Belgium team qualfications Rio 2016 gymnastics
  23. Ellie Downie gets a medal in something at Rio.
  25. Brazil qualifying a team to the Olympics.
  26. Laurie and Norah and Ragan go to Rio (*cries*).
  27. Simone, Gabby, and Ellie Downie as the AA podium.
  28. Brazil making TF.
  29. Becky Downie getting a bars medal (or not being a headcase in the qualifications and actually making finals would be good).
    Shang Chunson, Aliya Mustafina, Becky Downie uneven bars dream podium Rio 2016
  30. Ellie hitting beam in EF and winning a medal.
  31. Aly back-to-back Olympic champion on floor.
  32. Simone gets at least 3 golds.
  33. Madison Kocian named to the Olympic team in some capacity.
  34. Ana Porgras comes back and wins beam at Rio.
  35. Norah Flatley becoming the Olympic beam champion.
  36. Kyla Ross and Jazmyn Foberg make the Olympic team.
  37. Ellie Black getting on the podium in Rio!
  38. Double Downies make Rio and hit all their routines.
  39. Aliya wins an individual gold (preferably UB).
  40. Ellie Downie gets a vault medal.
  41. Bailie Key competes in the team final for USA.
    Team USA Rio 2016 dream team
  42. Simone wins vault.
  43. Aly and Kyla make the team so they can shoo away the haters who doubted them.
  44. Norah to SLAY her senior debut by making the Olympic team.
  45. Both Olegs and Manrique win an Olympic medal.
  46. Lieke and Sanne both compete in Rio and get press coverage for being twins.
  47. Vika wins the AA.
  48. Eythora hits beam and medals in EF.
  49. For Laurie Hernandez to compete at least floor in Rio.
  50. A beam final with no falls.
  51. Yao, Songsong, Potato, and Dandan make the Chinese Olympic team (number five? maybe Chen or Liu).
  52. Aliya winning another Olympic AA medal.
  53. Both Russian teams managing not to self destruct in TFs and to come away with medals.
  54. Maria Paseka VT gold.
  55. Vika winning an AA medal at Rio.
  56. Norah Flatley getting a beam medal.
  57. Catalina Ponor winning yet another Olympic medal.
  58. Maggie winning an individual medal.
    Maggie Nichols team USA Rio 2016 medal
  59. Aliya to be healthy and medal in Rio.
  61. Simone, Aly, Sae winning floor medals.

Note: For those of you who think these pictures are absolutely ridiculous, I'm sorry. But I had so much fun making these.

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