10 gymfan essentials


thegymter.net: Lauren is the queen of the gymternet. She must have 36 hours in a day, since she successfully combines a full-time job with writing a gymnastics novel, answering a bazillion asks a day on her Tumblr, running one of the best gymnastics blogs and going to ballet classes. If you can’t seem to find any news on a gymnastics meet, head over to her blog for results and recaps. Her friend jyosef also keeps an interesting team average page up to date. And if you’re looking for a particular gymnast, the gymnast and team databases range from Algeria to Vietnam.

YouTube channels

piibunina: He’s our YouTube hero, providing us with videos from
a) smaller meets
b) Worlds podium training
c) Worlds qualifications
and we’d rather not imagine what our gymfan lives would be like without piibunina and his camera.

Marcos Aurelio: If piibunina wasn’t there, look for Marcos Aurelio’s videos of World Cups and other smaller meets. I’m forever wondering in what magical country he lives that shows gymnastics on tv.


Sports2Visuals: These two Dutch girls take gorgeous pictures and put them on their Facebook page for us to enjoy and share.

Sports2Visuals Maggie Nichols Glasgow 2015

Christy Ann Linder: She’s the best for American coverage. High quality pictures that make the gymnasts pop out and shine.

Technical stuff

Gymnastics wiki skill guides: The Code of Points cannot be translated any easier than in these skill guides. Candycoateddoom listed the name of every skill with gifs to help you visualise and memorise. Gym nerd level: high.

Gymnastics results: “The most complete gymnastics results archive online.”

Longines live scoring: Watching the live scoring app for Euros or Worlds is almost as entertaining and dramatic as watching live.

Longines live scoring app

Pronunciation guide: For the gym nerds out there that already have an extensive knowledge of everything even remotely gymnastics-related, I’ve got one more challenge for you: pronouncing the gymnasts’ names right. Once you master these, you’re fully equipped to be a national tv commentator for artistic gymnastics events.


Dreamlight design workshop: When the gymnasts enter the arena, are you one of those people thinking “come on, even I can design a better leo”? Are you prepared to waste hours and hours on hypothetical leos that your favourite gymnasts will never wear? Say hello to your online experimentation lab and prove your point.

Dreamlight leo design

Am I missing anything? What else is in your gymnastics fan starter pack?

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