7 reasons to start rooting for team Belgium

  1. Have you seen the size of Belgium? It’s about as big as the state of Maryland and has twice the amount of inhabitants. Nonetheless, we have almost always managed to get a team together for Euros and Worlds.
  2. The Belgian gymnastics program has grown incredibly in the past fifteen years, due to the establishment of a central training center and a structured system that allows young gymnasts to combine elite gymnastics with school.
  3. The older girls often combine gymnastics with higher education. Gaëlle Mys will be an interior architect, while Julie Croket will teach primary school kids and Dorien Motten is becoming a veterinarian.
  4. A Belgian floor routine is like watching one and a half minute of theatre. Irina Shadrina choreographs truly entertaining routines (whether you like the style or not) and the gymnasts sell it like they mean it.
  5. We have a good mix of experienced gymnasts like Gaëlle, whose been a senior for nine (!) years, and younger talents like Rune Hermans.
  6. Not to mention the juniors that become seniors next year. They’re the best we’ve ever seen. No exaggeration.
  7. The qualification process for Rio is really exciting. Last quad we were one mere spot away from team qualification. Last year in Nanjing, the team qualified in the eleventh place. Edit: this year in Glasgow they took the same spot, but with a whopping 5.311 points more. So we really do have a chance of qualifying a whole team to the Olympics for the very first time in the history of modern gymnastics!

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