What we learned from the abuse scandal in USA gymnastics

For the past couple of weeks, Larry Nassar and the sex abuse scandal at Michigan State University and USA gymnastics were everywhere. My Tumblr dashboard was overflowing with links to newspaper articles, videos from victims in court, tweets from prominent people, opinion articles and so on. All these new pieces of information answered two basic questions: “How did this happen?” and “Why didn’t the girls just say something?”


7 reasons to start rooting for team France

Team Belgium will always be my number one team, that’s a fact. But team France has been making its way up on my personal podium as well. So, here’s seven reasons why you should start rooting for l’équipe française.

The flip side of the medal – Montreal 2017

Following what happens in the gymnastics world is best done on Tumblr. There’s a whole community of people from all around the globe spreading interviews, news articles, competition updates, videos, pictures, rumours and, of course, opinions. Let’s just say, the general opinion about the World Championships in Montreal wasn’t very favourable. And that’s an understatement.

The best of the rest

Every gymfan knows the Big Four are not going to stop winning medals anytime soon. And that’s okay, because we all love little Ragan, Liu Tingting, Eremina and Iordache. But what interests me even more is the best of the rest. That’s why I present to you, the all-arounders that could be closing the gap and coming for your medals.

My top 12 from Valenciennes

The 12 best teams from all over France gathered in Valenciennes to fight for the title of national team champions. On top of that, three Belgians competed as guests and showed us their new skills. I came, I saw, I loved it.

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